Surf Lessons in Ocean Beach

We empower women. We teach them to be as comfortable in the water as they are outside of it.

two person walking on the seaside holding surfboards

You’ll learn how to stand up in the waves monitored by lifeguard-trained instructors, all of whom are certified in CPR. 

We keep class sizes small, allowing us to offer a safer and more controlled environment, where students can enjoy a personalized learning experience. We’ll always be there, by your side and ready to help. 

Our surf lessons in Ocean Beach begin with safety. Surfers learn to read the waves, watching their direction and their pattern. They assess the tide before they go out. We will teach you how to do that, and we’ll help you identify hazards like rip tides, coral, and rock. 

You’ll learn how to identify whether or not a surfing location is safe, then how to safely paddle out to the lineup. There you’ll encounter the culture of surfing and the rules and etiquette behind it.  

Aloha Surfer Girls Surf School in Ocean Beach uses a simple, tried-and-true curriculum, meant to help anyone regardless of prior training or experience. You don’t have to be well-balanced or particularly nimble. We’ll have you standing up on your board by the end of the first lesson.

Our surf instructors (Male and female) have unique techniques to teach students of all ages

Aloha Surfer Girls Surf School in Ocean Beach

Surf Lessons - Girl On the Beach

We pride ourselves on being able to teach anyone, ages 5 and up, and we are able to do so because we understand water safety. We keep our students close and monitored. All lessons are held in a tightly controlled environment with a low instructor-to-student ratio. 

That’s why we chose to offer surf lessons in Ocean Beach. The water is relatively mild, and there no major obstacles or hazards–nothing but sand on the ocean floor. It gives us greater control over the area, as well as freedom of movement.

The tide at Ocean Beach is diverse, making it the perfect spot for different skill levels. There are waves for experienced, intermediate, and beginner students. All are welcome at the school. We can help you hone your game, and go on some gnarly sessions, or we can teach you how to ride the foam and move on to greater things. 


One-On-One Surf Lesson
$ 140 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Perfect Option For Smaller Groups Of 2-3 People
$ 108 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Group Surf Lesson With 4-5 People
$ 98 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Girls and women of any age who would like a one-on-one lesson.


Any time that is convenient to you. We are open 7 days a week - year round. Bookings are essential.


Everything you need at your own learning level. Private surfing lessons can be customized to your needs.

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