Day SURF Camps

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Our Surfer Girls Day Surf Camps are either 3 or 5 days a week during the summer for kids, teens, adults and families!

Surfer Girls Day Surf Camps includes wetsuits, rash guards, surfboards and leashes with a 4-5:1 student to instructor ratio.

Take the plunge into surfing culture at Surfer Girls Day Camps. It is the most efficient and the best way for you to learn to surf. You’ll have something to talk about after summer vacation.

At Surfer Girls Day Camp we guarantee you’ll be surfing on your very first day of camp! You’ll even get a cool picture of yourself to show off to your friends.

If you want to start surfing and you don’t want to learn alone, a Surfer Girls Day Surf Camp is for you. Every day is different and brings a new surfing adventure. You’ll see yourself become a more experienced surfer as you learn to surf different waves in different weather and new situations. Each person in the small group of four to five gets the same individualized attention. Another bonus is that you end up bonding with your new friends at camp as you overcome challenges and celebrate each others success.

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