Surf Lessons in Mission Beach

Set a goal. Whether it’s to ride a gnarly wave or simply stand up on your board, we will help you get there using a simple, tried-and-true curriculum designed to deliver results. We can teach anyone.

man in red shirt carrying yellow and red surfboard walking on brown sand during daytimeOur surf lessons in Mission Beach are the right choice for any girl who wants to learn to paddle out. You don’t have to be coordinated, and there’s no experience required. Learning to surf is easier than it sounds.

You just need to find the right coach, someone who’s taught before and has the proper certifications. All of our coaches are certified as surf instructors and in CPR, and they’re also trained as lifeguards.

They understand what it’s like out there. They know the hazards, the riptides, and underwater obstacles, and they will train you to face them safely and effectively in a comfortable laid-back setting.

They also know the lay of the land. At Aloha Surfer Girls surf school in Mission Beach, there are never any surprises. We can ensure that every lesson will be conducted without hassle or worry. With us, you’re in good hands.

Our surf instructors (Male and female) have unique techniques to teach students of all ages

What to Expect From Surf Lessons in Mission Beach

Mission beach is a veritable treasure trove of boardwalk boutiques and restaurants. There’s dive bars, burger shacks, ramen houses, and sushi joints–places for you to escape the sun and water, grab a quick bite to eat or relax with a cocktail. 

It’s all available on the boardwalk, a long path that runs north through Pacific Beach. There you’ll find rollerbladers, shoppers, people walking their dogs, or going out for an afternoon run. There’s plenty to do before and after your lesson. 

We decided to establish our surf school in Mission Beach because the tide is considered mild, and there are waves for all skill levels. There are portions where you’ll find a consistent, rideable surf, and parts where foam rolls in slowly, giving first-timers an easy, smooth ride. 

Mission Beach is also known for its soft, sandy floor. There are no troublesome rocks, sharp surfaces, or coral. It’s relatively obstacle free, which is ideal for those who are struggling with their balance. Overall, it’s a great place to learn.


One-On-One Surf Lesson
$ 140 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Perfect Option For Smaller Groups Of 2-3 People
$ 108 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Group Surf Lesson With 4-5 People
$ 98 per person
  • 1 Lesson - 90 min
  • All Equipment Included


Girls and women of any age who would like a one-on-one lesson.


Any time that is convenient to you. We are open 7 days a week - year round. Bookings are essential.


Everything you need at your own learning level. Private surfing lessons can be customized to your needs.

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