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Our Philosophy

Girls on the beach

Female surf culture or “Wahine” surfers have been going strong since the 1920’s in ancient Hawaii and later on in California.

Our mission is for girls and women of all ages to safely and comfortably experience the incredible sensation of gliding down that first wave.

Surf School For Girls and Women!

We want you to discover the unique experience of surfing and surf culture around the globe. See with your own eyes what keeps bringing surfers back to the water day after day.

We are a surf school designed for girls and women, but open to any males who want to come along for the ride. Girls, you have the option to learn to surf coed or girls only!

Surfing is a way of life. It keeps you in touch with nature and helps you to appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life. Once you start surfing, you’ll get hooked! It’s mentally stimulating, a fun way to stay fit and relieves stress and tension.

Try it with our team from Surfer Girls surf school – you’ll love it!

Our Team

Surfer Girls is run by a team of local and international surfers and private investors, backed by major surf companies and brands, who are working together to expand the female surf industry.

We have internationally renowned surf schools for girls and women, surf camps and surf trips all over the globe.

We want you to have the best possible experience out in the surf. Our instructors are friendly, down to earth, and most of all, fun to learn from. We love surfing and want to spread the love.

All Surfer Girls instructors have superior training and meet all safety requirements. All are certified in first aid and CPR; some are even certified EMTs. Our team consists of local and international surfing enthusiasts both male and female. They embrace the surfing lifestyle and at the same time are also qualified paramedics, doctors, and teachers.

Our instructors go through a rigorous training program, the Level 1 or higher surfing coaching accreditation. They will build your confidence by giving you the knowledge you need to feel safe and secure in the ocean. Second, they front load you with the basics of surfing so you understand what you need to do when you get in the water. Their strong teaching skills make it easy for you to learn and make surfing a “can do” for anyone.

Girls and Women Surfing
Woman and Man on the Beach

Female surf culture or “Wahine” surfers have been going strong since the 1920’s in ancient Hawaii and later on in California.

At Surfer Girls all instructors have at least five years of surfing experience. Learn to surf in San Diego, Los Angeles or Hawaii!


Surfer Girls is THE surf school for girls and women, from beginners to advanced surfers. Surfer Girls has been teaching surfing worldwide since 2000. We are the only surf school that offers a luxury overnight surf camp in multiple locations around the world. We have highly qualified professional instructors and we can guarantee we will have you standing up with a smile by the end of your first lesson. Choose Surfer Girls, voted the “Best Surf Camp” by the Travel Channel.

We are located in San Diego, Los Angeles and Hawaii. When you sign up for your surf lesson online we will send you an email telling you exactly where to meet your instructor depending on the location.

We suggest you give yourself at least 30 minutes before your lesson in the summer months to be sure to find a parking spot and to also have time to put on your wetsuit and sign your waiver.

Please wear your swimsuit or bikini under your clothes. Bring a towel, a change of clothes and something to drink. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before the lesson starts!

Campers should pack a healthy lunch, snacks, drinks, a long sleeve sweatshirt or jacket, a towel, sunscreen, shoes, and some cash just in case.

You should be okay. Just make sure to close your eyes tight underwater and bring an extra pair just in case. If you don’t wear disposable contacts make sure to wear an old pair.

Check for current temperatures and surf conditions.

Surfer Girls has a wide selection of wetsuits and rash guards for your use. You are also welcome to wear your own wetsuit. If you don’t want to wear a wetsuit we’ll give you a rash guard. We suggest you bring a pair of boardshorts.

All Surfer Girls instructors, male and female, are experienced surfers who have been surfing for over 5 years, while some are even pros! All are certified in CPR and first aid, and some are even certified EMTs and ocean lifeguards.

You need to be able to swim with your head above water and must be able to swim to shore. Smaller kids and weaker swimmers will be kept in shallow water, and our instructors will be with the students at all times.

You are welcome to rent surfboards after your lesson if we have the equipment available.

At some locations there are restrooms close by, but at others there are not.

Overnight campers can get ready for Surfer Girls camp by swimming, stretching, doing push ups, and strengthening your biceps and triceps. Yoga also compliments surfing.

Our schools and overnight camps are close to popular restaurants, clothing stores, and supermarkets.

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Surf School For Girls and Women