Surf Travel On A Budget

I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I would love to quit my job and go travel around the world with me, myself, and my surfboard. Maybe even bring a friend or two. Many people have done this you know, so it isn’t that wild of an idea. But do you want to know the best part of it all? There are plenty of places where surf travel is extremely inexpensive!! I’ve done some research for all of you wanderlust people searching for adventure. Here is what I discovered…

First, if you don’t have to fly, don’t. But if you do, make sure you find an airline that is surfer friendly and make sure to double wrap that board in its case. A few airlines I would recommend would be Quatar Airlines and Virgin Airlines. A nice surfer camper van allows for the ultimate surf travel experience if you’re planning on staying in one country or continent not divided by water. You may not necessarily save on gas but you will definitely save on a place to sleep and you can sleep well knowing your board and other equipment is in good hands. The next thing worth mentioning is that there are a lot, and I do mean a lot of surfer friendly hostels all over the world made specifically for surf travel! Whether you are in South America or Asia or Africa or wherever you go to find the swell, I guarantee you will find a hostel filled with fellow surfers. The best website in my opinion for hostels in Hostel World. They have over 30,000 properties in more than 150 countries. Obviously most hostels won’t have the same amenities as a 5 star hotel but they also will cost 1/5 of the price and the best part, the people you will meet.

Like I mentioned earlier, you probably aren’t the only one to have thought of surf travel so you will probably meet people on the same path that have a lot in common with you! Alright now, on to best places to go… In my professional opinion, which isn’t as much professional as it is research based, here are a few places to travel and surf if you are on a budget. Portugal, Moracco, Mexico, Phillipenes, Papa New Guinea, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica should all be on your surf travel bucket list! If it were up to me I would go everywhere tropical. I would throw a couple bikinis and a few rash guards a couple pairs of shorts and tanks and my toiletries of course and hit the road! Something I forgot to mention is there are also many companies that do organized surf travel trips to certain locations for a specified time period. These can be awesome overnight surf camps with people your age but they can also be a little more expensive then doing your own thing. There are also a few Instagram accounts like “barefoot surf travel” that provide all the reassurance you need to get off your butt and go do it!

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