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Alright alright, so you’re a celebrity. But can you do other things besides act? The idea for this blog came about after watching the movie, The Shallows, with one of my personal favorites, Blake Lively. I thought to myself, I know they have green screens and I know she isn’t actually shredding right now but I wonder if this movie made her want to learn and how many celebrities also spend time in the water. So I did a little research! Here is what I’ve found…

There are a few celebrities you may have heard of or seen in one of your favorite shows or movies that send a good amount of time in the water. The first I stumbled upon was Jason Mraz. Jason is a two-time Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter. He had a later start to surfing than some of our other celebrities but at the age of 28 became hooked. It is said that he often makes sure his concerts are at the locations with the best waves. So if you’re ever at one of his concerts, let his manager know you know the local surf spots and maybe you’ll end up in the lineup with Jason.

The next celebrity I came across was Matthew McConaughey. Hubba Hubba. Matthew learned to surf while filming the questionable movie, Surfer, Dude back in 2007. The movie got a bad rap due to the less than mediocre job by Hollywood but at least Matthew got something out of it! Look at that, celebrities are getting paid to be famous and they get to learn how to do cool things on the job. I really picked the wrong occupation.

Our third surfing celebrity is Cameron Diaz. You may have seen the movie, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, in which Cameron shows off her surfer side. She is a frequent surfer. Cameron actually broke her nose while out surfing in 2003 but the incident did not stop her from getting back out in the water. Many of the celebrity’s movies have been filmed in Hawaii and she has even become friends with Kelly Slater.

Now that you know about a few different celebrities that spend their time off the set in the ocean maybe you’ll keep your eye out next time you paddle into the lineup in a popular place. My guess would be places like LA and Hawaii are going to be popular spots for these celebrity spottings.

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